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Sep 21, 2023


3 weeks


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Identify the most powerful types of network effects, and how you can scale, measure and monetize them. Whether you are a founder, operator or investor, this course will give you the tools to tap into the power of network effects.

A 3-week long workshop-style course led by the creator of, a globally renowned resource on network effects.

Case studies in this course include Uber, Airbnb, Shpock, Opentable, Treatwell, Homejoy, Shyp, Moviepass, Spotify, Vestiaire Collective, Opendoor, Upwork, Poshmark, Autotrader, Classpass, Leaflink, Docplanner, Facebook, Snapchat, Discord, Slack, Zoom, Carta, Meerkat, Houseparty, Paypal, Linkedin, Venmo, XANT, Tripadvisor, Waze, Moovit, Grammarly, Transit, Xbox, iOS, Android, Roku, Salesforce and Shopify.


Course details


Sep 26 - Oct 13, 2023

Duration: 24 hours

Cohort: 9



Course is for


You are building an early-stage startup and are trying to develop network effects


You want to understand network effects to screen investment opportunities and support portfolio companies


Product & GTM Leaders
You work at a company that is built on network effects and want to leverage them better or enhace them

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What you will learn

    ✅ Types of network effects
    The four different types of network effects — marketplaces, interaction networks, data networks, and platforms — and frameworks to assess the efficacy of each type

    ✅ Properties of each network effect type
    For each type of network effect, understand factors that influence growth, unit economics and barriers to competition

    ✅ Beating the cold start problem
    Understand factors that can make it more difficult to overcome the cold start problem and strategies to achieve liquidity — and how they differ across different types of network effects

    ✅ How to generate revenue
    Identify monetization options available to network effect businesses and how they are influenced by the type of network effect

    ✅ Virality vs. network effects
    Understand the difference between virality and network effects — and how to combine them

    ✅ How to combine network effects
    How you can layer multiple forms of network effects — to strengthen defensibility and scalability even further

    ✅ How to curate your network
    How you can maximize positive network effects and minimize negative ones

    ✅ How to measure network effects
    How you can identify the most important metrics for each network type, and how you can measure them


About your instructors

Sameer Singh

Creator of | Venture Partner at Speedinvest | Atomico Angel

Sameer is an early-stage investor focused on network effects. He is the creator of, a globally renowned resource on network effects. He is also a Venture Partner at Speedinvest and part of the Atomico Angel Program.

Previously, he was the global director of consulting at App Annie (now called — an app market data company that raised $160M from leading VC firms like Sequoia and Greycroft. In this role, he advised leading companies like Spotify, Shpock, and Trainline. Before moving to Europe with App Annie, he was an early-stage VC in India where he first began exploring network effects.


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What real people are saying? 

Shiv Sinha

Co-Founder & CTO at newtrul

"Sameer is a truly expectational thought leader when it comes to network effects. He has created pragmatic frameworks to help you dissect, evaluate and strengthen your startup's NFX. The content he has created is truly on at the forefront of understanding NFX. No one else comes close (including Andrew Chen's book)."

Tova Safra

Co-Founder & Chief Design Officer at Groove

"Most people hear the words "network effects" and they assume some very broad and vague ideas about it, which are often hard to act on. The course taught a lot of specific and practical information that opened our minds to new strategies that we could actually use."

Mathias Ockenfels

General Partner, Marketplaces & Consumer at Speedinvest

We now make it a condition in our offer letter to new, junior team members to take this course (we obviously cover the cost). Keep up the good work!


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