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Build a Successful Marketplace

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This ten-step video course takes you through your marketplace journey all the way from idea to scaling your business. Each step is packed with the latest marketplace facts, actionable advice, and relevant case studies.


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10 free videos + quizzes, sources, and further reading.



Course is for


Entrepreneurs who are interested in launching their own online marketplace.


Small business owners who want to expand their business into the online marketplace.


Consultants who offer services related to marketplace development and growth

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What you will learn

    STEP 1 - Come up with a marketplace idea.

    The first step of any marketplace journey is coming up with a marketplace idea. This video tells you what makes an excellent marketplace idea and, most importantly, where to find one.

    STEP 2 - Choose a revenue model for your marketplace.

    To run a business, you will need a way to monetize your platform. In the second step of the course, we talk about marketplace revenue models and which one you should choose. For most marketplaces, it's commission. Watch this video to learn why.

    STEP 3 - Constrain your marketplace to an initial category or location.

    Step three is about why you should constrain your marketplace to an initial category or location – and how. Even if your total available market is huge, you’re not going to win all of it overnight. So first, choose a smaller target group and build a great experience for them.

    STEP 4 - Pre-validate your marketplace idea on both sides.

    Before you start building your platform, there are things you can – and should – do to make sure your marketplace is worth investing in. The fourth video in the course is about pre-validating your marketplace idea with your demand and supply.

    STEP 5 - Build a Minimum Viable Marketplace Platform.

    In the fifth video of this course, you learn about Minimum Viable Platforms (MVP): what they are, why you should build one, and how.

    STEP 6 - Onboard supply to your marketplace.

    Step six is about solving the chicken-and-egg problem. In the early days of your marketplace, how to get suppliers without customers, and how to get customers without suppliers? By onboarding supply first. You'll learn how to attract and onboard them to your platform in practice.

    STEP 7 - Launch your marketplace as early as possible.

    You have your suppliers on board. Now, it's time to invite customers in and start facilitating transactions. You should do that as quickly as possible. In step seven of the course, you'll learn why and how.

    STEP 8 - Reach problem-solution fit.

    You're successfully facilitating transactions on your marketplace, but how do you know if you're on the right track? By reaching problem/solution fit. In step eight, you'll learn what problem/solution fit is, why it's important, and how to reach it.

    STEP 9 - Reach product-market fit.

    Your next goal is to reach product/market fit. That means being in a good market with a product that can satisfy that market. We delve deeper into product/market fit and discuss how to reach it, what are the key metrics to track on the way, and how to build a growth engine that will help you get there.

    STEP 10 - Scale your marketplace to new markets.

    In the last step of this marketplace course, we're scaling your marketplace into new markets. Once you've reached product/market fit in your first market, you can start thinking about expanding. This video discusses choosing your next market and creating a playbook, your funding options, and what's beyond.


About your instructors

Katri Antikainen

Katri Antikainen is a content specialist at Sharetribe and a contributor to the Marketplace Academy. She writes and produces content that helps marketplace founders succeed.


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