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Digital Transformation: Platform Strategies For Success (EN)

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Digital Transformation: Platform Strategies for Success is a 2-month course that introduces participants to the many ways networked markets are transforming the economy and provides strategies for designing, monetizing, and launching a digital platform.

In this course you will learn about the fundamentals of digital transformation, identify why platforms beat products, and how can you make your business a platform. You will learn how to launch and grow a digital platform and identify how to leverage open innovation for your platform. This course also equips you with the knowledge on governing your platform, strategically evaluating your competition, and provides you with a futuristic view of digital transformation across industries.


Course details


September 15, 2022

2 months, online
2-4 hours per week



Course is for


General Managers
Product Managers
Mid to senior level Managers


Project Managers
Marketing Managers


Digital Marketing Managers
Program Managers

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What you will learn

    Module 1: Digital Transformation: From Products to Platforms; Network Effects
    As you build your knowledge of digital platforms, you will explore network effects on a company’s value and predict how a platform shift could impact your company.

    Module 5: Leveraging Open Innovation
    Analyze the impact of open innovation on your platform by studying open source strategies and ascertain the level of openness for optimized value capture.

    Module 2: Digital Transformation Concepts: Markets, Environment, and Structure
    Evaluate platform market outcomes by analyzing principles of multihoming and switching costs; and compare network effects vs. traditional linear value chains.

    Module 6: Governing Your Digital Platform
    Learn how to govern effectively to succeed. How to use the right rules and tools to avoid or correct negative externalities or information asymmetries.

    Module 3: Designing Your Digital Business Model for Success
    Create and optimize a platform using the three principles of platform design; identify how architecture design can increase network effects; and learn to monetize a platform.

    Module 7: Strategy and Competition in the Digital Age
    Apply platform strategies to create network effects and gain a sustainable competitive advantage; learn why platform strategy differs from traditional pipeline business and the Porter’s Five Forces Model, and discover how that affects M&A decisions and activity.

    Module 4: Launching and Growing a Digital Platform
    Compare various strategies to launch a platform and gain traction; learn how to leverage modularity and APIs to grow a platform; analyze why two digital platforms failed to thrive.

    Module 8: Digital Transformation Across Industries: A Futuristic View
    Gain insights into the opportunities and challenges in adopting platform strategies in different industries and predict which industries will experience future disruption.


About your instructors

Geoffrey Parker

Professor of Engineering, Dartmouth College, Visiting Scholar, MIT Sloan School; Research Fellow, MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy

I am a professor of engineering in the Thayer School at Dartmouth College where I also serve as Director of the Master of Engineering Management Program. In addition, I am a visiting scholar and research fellow at the MIT Sloan School’s Initiative for the Digital Economy where I lead platform industry research studies and co-chair the annual MIT Platform Strategy Summit. I work to understand the economics and strategy of network "platform" industries. I co-developed the theory of “two sided networks” which provides a mechanism to explain pricing in network markets. I work with numerous organizations to help them understand and craft their platform strategies. WW Norton published our book "Platform Revolution" in 2016 - this is our attempt to make the research accessible to a wide audience. It's now in 10 languages and we're gratified to hear that people are using it to help inform their platform strategies.


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What real people are saying? 

Héctor Iván Lira Hevia

Managing Director, F1rstcomm

"The course and collaboration with peers clearly showed how different ideas around one topic can create value for everyone. This was a unique opportunity to learn not just from extraordinary faculty members but from peers all over the world."

Phumlani Zuma

Director, Jikele Consulting

"The best parts of the course were the informative professor videos and the assignment reviews with course leaders. Also the discussions and reflections gave one more insight on how others understood things."

Karen Taylor

General Manager Asia Pacific, Anaqua

"Thought provoking and with up-to-date and global cases studies (e.g. Alibaba). Especially good for anyone in a tech-enabled industry, but I'd recommend it for anyone really. Any business can be disrupted by a 'platform' driven competitor and your competitors might not be who you think they are!"


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