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The Product
Strategy Sprint

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2 weeks


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Build the things people want to buy
The world is full of promising but failed products – just look at Segway. In this sprint, we’ll teach you the strategy behind sticky, memorable, and winning products to help you build your own.


Course details


Available on demand

2-week sprint plus unlimited classes

$83 per month (billed annually)



Course is for


Leaders who want the frameworks and language needed to influence product decisions.


Strategic marketers who strive to understand how to best communicate product value in a crowded market.


Product professionals striving to create a shared language for designing impactful products.

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What you will learn

    - Identify the characteristics that distinguish successful products from failed ones

    - Inject products with a higher perceived value

    - Learn how to identify market opportunities and how products might fill those gaps

    - Become more well-versed in user-centered product development

    - Learn the "how" and "why" behind successful products, and how to bring these concepts into your own firm

    - Make actionable strategic recommendations that shape the product, product lines, innovation, marketing, and positioning

    - Influence a user-centered product roadmap that truly matters to the customer


About your instructors

Adam Alter

Professor of Marketing at New York University’s Stern School of Business

Adam Alter is a Professor of Marketing at New York University’s Stern School of Business, with an affiliated appointment in the New York University Psychology Department.

He is also a New York Times bestselling author of two books: Irresistible, which considers why so many people today are addicted to so many behaviors, from incessant smart phone and Internet use to video game playing and online shopping; and Drunk Tank Pink, which investigates how hidden forces in the world around us shape our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.


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What real people are saying? 

Edward Barrow

VP of Product Strategy
@ Optimizely

"A lot of people came back and said that they genuinely learned new things and have a different perspective and understanding on the job that they do pretty much every day."

Dr. Mark Bloomfield

Director of Transformation
@ Global

“With each sprint, we continue to experiment & test how we run these at Global with our group of 30 students. I personally love this process and unearthing different learning styles.”

Maria Weaver

Senior Content Strategy Manager
@ Udemy

"By far the most engaging online learning experience I've ever had! The content was incredible, delivered in digestible chunks with an emphasis on practice and discussion."


Ready to join? 

$83 per month (billed annually)
$83 per month (billed annually)
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*Only for TheNTWK Subscribers

*excluded VAT

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