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The DNA of Digital Transformation

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July 11, 2022


3 weeks


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Digital transformation in 2022 is different from four years ago: External conditions have changed dramatically with remote and hybrid workforces, the great resignation, and the New Green Deal. Investors expect different levels of returns from companies. Incumbent companies have to rethink their businesses, including how to perform transactions and interactions online. Technology permits a level of collaboration and exchanges that go beyond the physical organizational limits of incumbents.

Thomas M. Siebel noted in 2019 that 40% of Fortune-500 companies have disappeared since 2000, and he expects another 40% by the end of this decade. This is due to the rise of innovative corporate entities with entirely new DNA. In 2010, 80% of linear and 20% platform business models. Ten years later, we see an inversion of these numbers, with 28% linear business models and 72% being platform models. Though, in most European countries, SMEs are still the economic breeding ground. For example, SMEs make up 99.5% of all companies located in Germany (2018).

Given all the above, do incumbents have a chance in an era of mass extinction of companies? How should incumbent companies embrace the DNA of digital transformation so that they survive and potentially thrive?

The course provides an interactive introduction to the world of digital transformation. With case studies and role plays, students learn to decide where and how to steer the incumbent’s transformation strategies. The three-week course provides an understanding of the different digital transformation frameworks and how and where to influence the decision-making process. Furthermore, the course shows how to shape value propositions and structural changes.


Course details


Jul 11, 2022 - Jul 29, 2022


DURATION - 3 hours per day

TOTAL HOURS - 45 hours



Course is for


Pragmatic and strategic thinking are welcome.


Strategy, Business Transformation


Business Models, Expertise

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What you will learn

    The objectives of this course are to provide students with the holistic and entrepreneurial approach needed when re-imagining and redesigning an entire incumbent company.

    Understanding the internal political landscape and how to bring everyone on board.

    Experience an expertise transfer where to focus on when in charge of digital transformation project.

    Understand the political levers and potential blockades and how to deal with them.

    Build the bridge between strategy and execution.

    Recognize which business model options are most relevant to the transformation of the business.

    Know how to communicate about transformation and change management from a senior leadership perspective.


About your instructors

Catherine Schoendorff

Advisor, IHK Business Coach & IHK Digital Consultant, CHPC

As a transformation expert with power, Ms. Schoendorff has been advising the consulting and insurance industry on transformative projects ranging from business strategies to technology and business models, including leading the implementation work, for almost thirty years.

She was regional CTO for former Hewitt Associates, now AON, where she brought a proprietary application onto Open and achieved groundbreaking client satisfaction and collaboration spirit. Thanks to her technological background, she pioneered the Retirement industry by introducing the first-ever digital platform. She understood the power of agile methods and self-organization very early and introduced this mindset shift in all her teams. This shift impacted the quality of products and services as well as allowed innovative approaches.


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