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One NFT,
Many Utilities

What if we could deliver some of this new experiences to our NTWKers (our community). What a better way to help understanding this digital revolution by leading by example, right? Creating something, out of this theoretical basis that could actually be used. Learning by experience, in the purest empirical style.

If you want your first TheNTWK NFT, click here

What the h*** is an NFT?

Crypto currency, Non-fungible token, BlockChain, Ethereum...

There are lot's of new words and concepts that for most of us still doesn't make sense at all, but seems is in everybody's mouth and yet just a few have ever used it and even less had actually make profit with them.

The stronger and larger TheNTWK Community is, the more benefits TheNTWK NFTs Holders will have
first NFT
Mesa de trabajo 3.png

Get your first TheNTWK NFT!

Claim or Buy

Win an NFT participating in our events and conferences, or just buy it in the our marketplace.


Evolve your NFT and add value by contributing: monetary, intellectual or social.


Redeem your NFT.


Sign up in the marketplace and create the wallet. Two options:

  • Onboarding wallet (recommended to users not used to NFTs)

  • Metamask


Check and copy your wallet ID (Freeverse ID). Three options:

  • During login process (will appear in the screen)

  • In settings (top right button)

  • In the email (check your email inbox)


Provide us your wallet ID (Freeverse ID) completing the next form. This will indentify you and your assets.


Once inside the marketplce you will find a new menu:

  • Metaverse: all assets available

  • Market: on sale assets (temporally not working )

  • Drops: highlights (temporally not working)

  • My assets: list of all my assets, as the name says


Your TheNTWK NFT will be created and you can begin to increase the value. Get level 3 to achieve the maximum state. 

Your path towards TheNTWK NFTs

Diseño sin título.png

Actions to evolve your TheNTWK NFT


150 points x each article you co-create 


100 points x each course attendee you bring

in Social Media

20 points x each publication with TheNTWK profile tagged

Be an Academy Instructor

with an NPS greater than 70

100 points x hour

Completed Profile in Community

100 points if you have your bio, profile picture and badge

Give Feedback on
TheNTWK Events

10 points x each feedback submitted 


Exclusive for our Community

100 points x article

Attend & Debate TheNTWKEvents

50 points x each


Comment Posts in Community

5 points x each comment or answer inside Community


100 points x each subscriber you bring

Share Content in Community

30 points x each quick post

you add

Cheer Posts in Community

1 point x each cheer of

other members


TheNTWK NFT Marketplace

Claim my NFT

Complete this form to continue 

the process. Make sure you have signed up

at and you have received 

your ID.

Frequently Asked

1. Where can get an NFT?

You have different ways: with a #TheNTWKSummit paid ticket, buying it at the Marketplace, being an instructor at TheNTWKAcademy or TheNTWKTalks, etc.

2. Who can get an NFT?

Any participant, panelist, moderator who has paid the tickets and/or TheNTWKSubscription. Any participant, panelist, moderator who has attend in person to #TheNTWKSummit. Anyone who wants to pay for it and contribute with us and our community in an active way.

3. What do I need to do to get points and evolve my NFT?

- Co-create Reports | 100 points - Be a TheNTWK Academy Instructor with NPS > 70 | 100 points - Write exclusive articles for our community | 100 points - Refer Annual Subscribers | 100 points - Refer alumni to online courses | 100 points - Have a completed profile in our community | 100 points - Attend & Debate TheNTWK Events | 50 points - Share content in our Community | 30 points - Share TheNTWK Content on Social Media | 20 points - Feedback of each session TheNTWK Events | 10 points - Comment posts of other members in the Community | 5 points - Like posts of other members in the Community | 1 point - If you have 2 or more NFTs, they will evolve as per FIFO

4. What are the benefits of holding a TheNTWK NFT?

- One to One Advisory - TheNTWKSummit Free Ticket - TheNTWKCommunity Membership And more to come...

5. Can I transfer my NFT?

CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE: COMING SOON Yes, you can sell it or transfer to another person in the Marketplace. Remember, is not speculation, is about intellectual contribution and social contribution.

Do you have more questions?

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