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Rendanheyi Masterclass: Learning and applying Haier's Model of Organizing

Haier Model Institute - in partnership with Boundaryless-Platform Design Toolkit - is proud to offer an online remote training to learn the basics and a practical approach to adopt the world-leading organizational model pioneered by Haier Group.

The inspiration of Rendanheyi has the potential to help organizations develop and sustain an Entrepreneurial Ecosystemic Organizational strategy in each industry or context.

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Oct 2021
21st - 22nd | 28th - 29th
1pm – 5pm CEST

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Simone Cicero

Who this course is for?

- Corporate management teams that are involved in org transformation and platform-ecosystem practices.

- Teams supporting executives in envisioning the future of the organization in a complex world.

- Educators, teachers and researchers that want to ensure to feature latest organizational development ideas in their teaching and research work

- Consultants that want to push their customers to the boundaries of the present of organising

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The basics of Rendanheyi and the story of Haier
What are the cultural elements that need to be developed if your organization wants to embrace a culture of entrepreneurship and ecosystem enablement
What are the pitfalls and challenges in transforming an organization into a rapidly evolving organism
How to use a practical set of visual tools from the EEEO toolkit to design experiments to be executed in your organization

Simone Cicero

Prof. ​Bill Fischer - Senior Lecturer at MIT’s Sloan School of Management and Emeritus Professor of Innovation Management at IMD. Author of the book “Reinventing giants” and long time observer of Haier’s transformation journey.

Simone Cicero - Co-founder Boundaryless and Original Ideator Platform Design Toolkit. Through The Platform Design Toolkit, he has effectively contributed to launching a new design domain and empowered hundred of thousands of practitioners worldwide.

Emanuele Quintarelli - Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Enabling Organization Microenterprise Lead in Boundaryless. Creator of the Human Organization Map with extensive experience at introducing new organizational models such as Sociocracy and Holacracy in large organizations.

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