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The Online Platform Design Certification Bootcamp

The Bootcamp is perfect for you if:

- you want to become a facilitator and apply platform thinking autonomously in your daily practice of consulting or management.

- you are interested in the full PRACTICE and THINKING.

Develop and deepen your facilitation and strategy design capabilities as an individual, team or organization:

- A format geared towards mastering the whole depth of thinking and potential of platform design beyond a single project

- A program designed to transfer capabilities to become a Platform Design Toolkit facilitator

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Class Period

October 2021
7th-8th | 14th-15th | 19th-20th
1pm - 5 pm CEST

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Simone Cicero

Who this course is for?

- Ambitious leaders and shapers who want to leverage platform strategies and be the ambassadors of platform thinking in their organization

- Consultants and strategic designers who want to learn how to master and hone the platform design capabilities and enable transformation

- Agencies that want to learn how to integrate platform and ecosystems thinking into their current offering

- Facilitators who want to integrate the Platform Design Toolkit methods to help clients achieve their project goals

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1. All what is included in the Platform Design Sprint but independently from a specific project work.

2. The key elements of Platform Design and the Unified Market theory: how post-industrial markets operate.

3. Understanding network effects and high-scalability and solving the Chicken-and-Egg problem: where to focus for growth

4. Effects and overlaps of Platform Design on Organizational Transformation

5. How to design and run Platform Design workshops: our experience and the nuts-and-bolts to be successful.

An experience that helps you master the theory and the tools to share knowledge in your organization or offer Platform Design as a service.

Simone Cicero

Simone Cicero (CEO Boundaryless), Luca Ruggeri (co-founder at Boundaryless & PDT Micro-enterprise Lead), Lucia Hernandez (Regenerative Business Lead), Guglielmo Apolloni (Design Lead)

You'll receive training directly from the core team at Boundaryless, the creators of Platform Design Toolkit that have been training more than a thousand - in private and public settings - spreading platform design all over the world.

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