Unleash the Power of Network Effects

70% of the value created in technology can be attributed to network effects. But only a small set of companies have managed to crack their complexity. Sameer has studied these complexities for years and is a leading expert on the subject. In this course, he will help you understand the nuances of network effects, harness their power and monetize effectively. Whether you are a founder, product builder, or investor, this course will arm you with the frameworks you need to succeed.

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Sept 2021

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Sameer Singh

Who this course is for?

You are building an early stage startup and are trying to develop network effects

Product & Business Leaders
You work at a company that is built on network effects and want to leverage them better or enhance them

You want to understand network effects to screen investment opportunities and support portfolio companies

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- The four different types of business models built on network effects — marketplaces, interactions networks, data networks, and platforms

- Types of network effects and how they influence growth, unit economics, and barriers to competition

- How network effects shape liquidity barriers and strategies to overcome them

- The relationship between network effects and engagement

- The relationship between network effects and monetization options

- The difference between virality and network effects — and how to combine them

- Layering or combining multiple forms of network effects

- Maximizing positive network effects and minimizing negative ones

- Identifying the right metrics for the right network

Sameer Singh

Sameer is a startup advisor and investor focused on network effects. He is the creator of, a leading resource on network effects, and is part of the 2021 Atomico Angel Program.

Previously, he was the global director of consulting at App Annie, where he advised leading companies like Spotify, Shpock, and Trainline. Before moving to Europe with App Annie, he was an early-stage VC in India where he first began exploring network effects.

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