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Executive Workshop: How to scale your business with platforms

Registration deadline:

10th May, 2023


17th May (4 hours + Dinner)



In person, Barcelona

max. 20

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Join us for a one-of-a-kind workshop where you will learn about the power of platforms and marketplaces in today's business world and how to build them as an incumbent / traditional company. Led by experienced industry leaders, this event will explore the key strategies and tactics that incumbent companies can use to build successful platforms and marketplaces.


From understanding selected use-cases you will learn the how to identify new opportunities for growth and innovation, setting them up within your corporate governance and provide valuable insights and practical guidance to scale them. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the best and take your company to the next level. Register now!


Workshop details

The rise of platforms and marketplaces has transformed the business landscape, creating new opportunities for companies to reach customers, expand their offerings, and generate revenue. However, building a successful platform or marketplace requires more than just technology. It requires a deep understanding of customer needs, a strong network of partners and suppliers, and a clear vision for how to create value for all stakeholders.

In this workshop, executives will learn from experienced platform and marketplace builders, who will share their insights and best practices for building successful platforms and marketplaces in B2B and as an incumbent company. The workshop will cover topics such as platform business models, ecosystem development, network effects, and platform governance. Participants will also have the opportunity to engage in interactive exercises and case studies to reinforce their learning and apply the concepts to their own business contexts.


Course is for


Executives and leaders of incumbent companies responsible for digital transformation and new business building


Head of new ventures & head of ecommerce


Head of digital & head of strategy

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What you will learn

I. Introduction (30 minutes)

• Welcome and overview of the workshop


II. The Power of Platforms and Marketplaces (60 minutes)

• Definition of platforms and marketplaces

• Benefits and challenges of building a platform or marketplace

• Case studies of successful platform and marketplace businesses


III. Building the Platform Business Model & Create Network Effects in B2B (90 minutes)

• Identifying customer needs and value propositions

Balancing the needs of multiple stakeholders

• Developing ecosystem partnerships and revenue streams

• Understanding the importance of network effects

• Strategies for building and growing network effects

• Case studies of successful network effects in platform and marketplace businesses


IV. Setting up a new Platform Venture as an incumbent (60 minutes)

• Best practices for platform governance and management

• Avoiding common pitfalls in platform governance


V. Q&A and Conclusion (30 minutes)

• Closing remarks 


Dinner: Join TheNTWK Experts Dinner and meet and greet platform thought leaders and speakers of the summit. Have the chance to exclusively get in direct contact with them and learn first hand. Or use the event to network with the other Executives.


Overall, this workshop is designed to provide executives with a comprehensive understanding of platforms and marketplaces, along with the tools and strategies needed to build successful platform businesses. By the end of the workshop, participants will have a clear roadmap for how to create and scale their own platform or marketplace, and a deeper understanding of the opportunities and challenges of platform business models.


About your instructors

Matthias Walter

Co-Founder / CEO of - a leading Venture Studio for Platforms & Marketplaces in Europe

Matthias is Co-Founder and CEO of - Europes leading venture studio specialized on platforms and digital ecosystems with a positive impact to People, Planet and Profit. He co-creates new platform ventures in close collaboration with corporates and SME.

He is also the founder of the Platform Innovation Kit and the Web3 Innovation Kit. Both are the most-advanced toolsets to systematically design and scale multi-sided business models based on strong network effects. The Kits are used by Corporates, Startups and Business Schools worldwide.

Before, Matthias served as VP Platform Innovation at FoundersLane and held multiple leadership positions e.g. at T-System, Globalfoundries and SAP. As part of T-Systems he co-founded the Blockchain Solution Center, the awarded top blockchain solution provider in Germany.

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Secure your spot now!

Capacity: maximum 20 people

Duration: 17th May (from 13:00h to 17:30h + Dinner)

Registration deadline: 10th May, 2023

Location: In person, Barcelona


Per person

  • Exclusive for Startups

  • 2x1 - Included a #TheNTWKSummit23 STARTUP PASS


Per person

  • Exclusive for Service Providers

  • 2x1 - Included a #TheNTWKSummit23 VCs & SERVICE PROVIDERS PASS


Per person

  • Exclusive for Corporates

  • 2x1 - Included a #TheNTWKSummit23 BUSINESS VIP PASS

*Applications will be closed once all slots have been reserved.

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