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@Laure Claire announce the launch of Platform Leaders, which brings together academics, policy makers and practitioners. Join us on Nov 18 for the inaugural event featuring Frederic Mazzella, Founder of BlaBlaCar and co-President France Digitale, Rob Chesnut, formerly Chief Ethics Officer Airbnb, Sacha Michaud, Co-Founder and VP Public Affairs Glovo, Azeem Azhar, Founder and CEO Exponential View, Arun Sundararajan, Professor New York University, Joe Schorge, Founder and Managing Partner Isomer Capital, Jennifer Schenker, Founder and Editor-in-Chief The Innovator, Benoit Reillier, Co-Founder and CEO Launchworks & Co, Michael G. Jacobides, Professor London Business School, Oliver Bethell, Head of Competition EMEA Google, Tom Smith, Director of Legal, Competition and Markets Authority, and Lewis Crofts, Editor-in-Chief MLex Market Insight.

Understand the Issues. Shape the Debate.


Register here ✏️

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