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💊 Daily Learning: TheNTWKPill “Trends to watch - B2B”, by Peter C. Evans

from #TheNTWKTalk “Platform Trends 2022”

Do you want to know the trends to watch for B2B? Watch what Peter C. Evans told to us:


- The challenge with B2B is that it's typically incumbents with existing user bases that are trying to adopt and deploy platform strategies. So these are companies that have been around for a long time and they have existing products existing relationships, in existing channels and they're very used to be focused on pushing the products that they have to offer. But the best platforms in the world tend to be product agnostic; they're all about serving the customer

- Right now the focus is on creating marketplaces. But they tend to be highly managed marketplaces and they often erect barriers to their competitors

- There are interesting cases where an incumbent company that isn't necessarily trying to transition its business model to a platform business model, but is creating new opportunities by creating a platform in an adjacent space. And that's an interesting strategy for incumbent companies to consider

- We've seen an explosion of NFT platforms; there are more than 70 or 80 of them out there now across multiple segments (from art to music to film). They have lots of interesting dynamics with respect to how you reward fans, create ownership for fans and it's a game changer. It's also going to disrupt how companies do advertising

- There's a tremendous opportunity for companies that understand platforms and can hook into and begin to develop opportunities and business offerings around a platform metaverse strategy

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