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💊 Daily Learning: TheNTWKPill “What is an ecosystem?”, by Luis Miguel Zapata

from TheNTWKTalk “Bancolombia Ecosystem”

Do you want to know what is an ecosystem? Watch what Luis Miguel Zapata told to us:


- An ecosystem is a comprehensive experience in which you could solve your needs in one channel or in one integrated experience: it could be your mobile app, it could be a web page, or it could be a physical experience

- The more digital transformation, the less frontiers are within industries. Open banking is helping us, it's enabling financial institutions to go beyond the financial vertical. So what we are doing is we are creating business models around integrated experiences

- We see an ecosystem as an integrated experience in which you've sold several needs in one place

💡 For more on this topic, follow Platform Economy and Business Ecosystems and access the full🎙🎙Recording Session on TheNTWKEvents Node


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