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Exploring Digital Business Trends: Debunking Network Effects, Workforce Ecosystems, and More

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Debunking the Myth of Network Effects

Anna Noakes Schulze shared a super interesting article about platform strategy! Theoretically, if two similar platforms merge we should expect an overall increase in network effects. The reality is a bit more nuanced due to "horizontal preferences" and other differentiating factors that might cause users to leave.

"Our results imply that a single dominant platform may not be as effective as multiple platforms, both from a strategic and antitrust perspective."


Manage Your Workforce Ecosystem, Not Just Your Employees

This article is a great taste of ecosystem thinking from Elizabeth J. Altman and Jeff Schwartz, who co-wrote Workforce Ecosystems.

"We define workforce ecosystem as a structure that encompasses actors, from within the organization and beyond, working to create value for an organization. Within the ecosystem, actors work toward individual and collective goals with interdependencies and complementarities among the participants. Workforce ecosystems include employees as well as external contributors and partners of various kinds — long- and short-term contractors, gig workers, application developers, service providers, and crowdsourced actors."


Takeaways from the Marketplace Conference 2023 - Berlin

Did you attend The Marketplace Conference? What are your takeaways?

Find Sjoerd Handgraaf's outcomes:

- Little has changed since last year. VC activity declined as predicted. Where is the dry powder?

- Everyone loves traction, even when bought, not built.

- Big bet still on B2B, but winners remain rare.

- AI will shape, but not disrupt marketplaces.

- Gen Z: who knows what they want 🤷‍♂️.

1. European VC deals have plunged back to 2020 levels. Where is the dry powder?

As tradition dictates, Jeroen Arts from Speedinvest opened the conference by painting a high-level picture and outlining the private & public market situation. This one slide stuck out, especially when thinking back to Jeroen's last year’s presentation.

VC activity has declined as predicted, with European VC deals dropping back to 2020 levels. Although it can be argued as a “return to normal”, it has left many companies that raised money at peak valuations struggling. One question that remains unanswered is: where is the dry powder? Large funds were raised prior to the dip, but have yet to be deployed.


Accelerating literature reviews for fine-tuning AI assistants

Paolo Cervini shared his process to use AI to ease literature reviews.

"When tailoring an AI assistant for specific use cases, a thorough literature review is often the first step. However, this can be time-consuming.

Here's how I streamlined the process using #chatgpt (with a PDF plugin):

📚 Step 1: Human-Led Research: Identify a wide set of documents (papers, articles, etc.), especially from recognized authors. All are publicly available. Quick review of abstracts.

🎯 Step 2: Setting the Context for AI: Clearly communicate the goals and areas of focus for the AI to review the literature. Explain both the overall use case and specific AI tasks that might require additional “curated” content."


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