10 articles about Marketplace Liquidity

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

One of the main challenges to overcome while building a marketplace is liquidity, so we have done our homework and selected 10 must-read articles to help you understand, achieve and measure #liquidity in a #marketplace.


# 1

Maximizing Liquidity and Transaction Quality

by @JoshBreinlinger, Managing Director at JSV

# 2

WTF is Marketplace Liquidity?

by @Julia Morrongiello, Investor at Point Nine Capital

When first interviewing at Point Nine, I was asked to define marketplace liquidity. At the time, I had a vague understanding of liquidity and luckily gave a good enough answer to make it through the interviews...

# 3

Liquidity hacking : How to build a two-sided marketplace

by @JoshBreinlinger, Managing Director at JSV

Marketplace businesses, they always seem great on paper, but it's so insanely hard to solve the chicken or the egg problem...

# 4

Paving The Way To Marketplace Liquidity

by @Brian Rothenberg and @Casey Winters

Building an enduring marketplace is a near impossible feat. Marketplace founders are often challenged by the “chicken and egg” problem...

# 5

How Modern Marketplaces Like Uber and Airbnb Build Trust to Achieve Liquidity

by @Anand Iyer, former Head of Product at Threadflip

In 2009, Airbnb was close to going bust with revenue flatlining at $200 a week. Since then, over 9 million people have used it to find temporary housing...

# 6

Marketplace liquidity

by @Borja Moreno de los Rios, co-founder and co-CEO of Merlin.

Liquidity is a crucial metric for all marketplaces. But how can we truly evaluate this liquidity? The three keys to answering this question are density, appropriately balanced demand and supply and category concentration...

# 7

8 strategic hacks for building marketplace liquidity

by @William Hsu co-founder and managing partner of MuckerLab

Many investors love “disruptive” businesses. This is in part because these businesses are unencumbered by legacy constraints that had previously been hardwired into the companies and industries these startups are trying to disrupt...

# 8

How to generate marketplace bookings and liquidity by matching supply & demand

by @Mike Williams

In the earliest stages, marketplaces face the challenge of having to build both supply and demand. Marketplaces need both sides in order to connect them, generate transactions, and find initial marketplace liquidity...

# 9

Marketplace Liquidity: How Side Switching Can Help

by @Sameer Singh

The traits that make marketplaces scalable and defensible also affect the ease of reaching critical mass — Side switching is a key feature that disadvantaged marketplaces can use to mitigate liquidity challenges...

# 10

Liquidity flourishes Marketplaces

by @Ram Alagianambi

Liquidity in a marketplace is the overall utilization rate of the available resources for sale. The more items or services booked in the shortest period equal better liquidity of a marketplace....

A special thanks from the ntwk team to all the authors of these articles and specially to @Sjoerd Handgraaf for his wonderful marketplace library selection, we hope we can collaborate soon !

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