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Newsletter 146: Platform Economy 2023, Global vs Local Network Effects

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Platform Economy 2023: U.S. leads; Europe lags

Hamidreza Hosseini, CEO of ECODYNAMICS has published the data of the Top100 Platform Companies and it seems that Europe we are growing but not as much as the others!

"Platform Economy 2023: U.S. leads; Europe lags. As promised, I have completed the detailed analysis based on the approach of Peter C. Evans and Prof. Annabelle Gawer (former research in 2014) of the Top 100 Platform Companies (Aug. 2023) in EN.

The global platform economy is experiencing rapid evolution, with America and the Asia-Pacific region continuing to be the driving forces. Both regions are at the forefront, with an average growth of all platforms of 16.12% in 2023 compared to 2022."


The Power of Platform Economy in the Healthcare System

Find the interesting video from the World Health Summit 2023 Berlin where Sangeet Paul Choudary answers these questions:

00:21 - What are the differences between platform economy and traditional business models?

01:20 - How can healthcare benefit from the platform economy?

02:11 - What are the risks of platforms entering the healthcare market?

03:19 - In the future, who will control patient flows?

Interview recording: Limerick (Ireland), 2023.


Global vs Local Network Effects by Andrei Hagiu and Julian Wright

"How to figure out whether a platform’s network effects are global or local when things are not as obvious as for Airbnb (clearly global) or TaskRabbit (clearly local)?

All other things equal, global network effects are stronger and more defensible than country-level network effects, which in turn are stronger and more defensible than city-level (or local) network effects. Many times, it is obvious whether a platform’s network effects are global or local in nature. Sometimes, however, things are less clear-cut. We’ll discuss examples of each and provide useful questions that investors can ask to determine how global or local a given startup’s network effects might be. These questions should also be useful for entrepreneurs in assessing the strength of their network effects."


Learn to Build an AI Strategy for Your Business

NTWKer Prasad MK shared an interesting post:

"Gartner predicts by 2025, growth in 90% of enterprise deployments of GenAI will slow as costs exceed value. Yes, what you read is true.

Many of the current GenAI use cases explored are either drawn out of inspiration from others or as a result of finding a problem to match the technology. % of true business re-imagination use cases is far less. To be successful with your GenAI journey, being by classifying the use cases as Quick Wins, Differentiating Use cases and Transformative initiatives."


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