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Newsletter 148: Turbocharging Platform Strategy, Aurubis' Circular Economy

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Four Ways to Turbocharge Your Platform Strategy

Ernst & Young's update on the platform economy offers four key tips for deploying a platform strategy and includes a download link for their Platform Economy Transformation Study:

"Companies in the tech sector are transforming their businesses and leading the way in accelerating the platform economy.

In brief - Tech companies are embracing platform business models to engage customers, increase revenue and scale offerings at a lower cost of customer acquisition.

- Platforms are delivering results: Over 40% of tech companies have created new revenue streams with their platform model.

- Global platform businesses are faced with complex and burdensome tax and regulatory requirements that can be addressed with thoughtful, proactive strategies."


DX is the new UX

Sangeet Paul Choudary shared: "Contracts and business development are shifting to APIs. Business development will increasingly involve attracting developers through superior DX (developer experience) more than wining and dining. Managing developer experience (DX) is going to be strategic as firms realize that: 1) Growing digital transformation across the value chain creates an abundance of APIs, and 2) Abundance of APIs creates a scarcity of developer resource commitment.


BASF Coating Ecosystem Building

Listen to Julian Kawohl's insightful interview with Oliver Birk, Director of Platforms at BASF Automotive Refinish Coatings! 🌐

"In this conversation, NTWKers delve into BASF Coatings' pioneering approach to digital transformation. With over a century of traditional heritage, they are embarking on a transformative journey, challenging the norms with a platform and ecosystem perspective.

🌐 Digital Transformation: Despite their rich history, BASF Coatings is venturing into uncharted territories. They've recently introduced "Refinity," a global automotive refinish platform, and are committed to building an ecosystem that fosters data-based value creation for their customers and partners.

📊 Transparency and Efficiency: Discover how BASF Coatings aims to revolutionize the automotive refinish industry by providing transparency, optimizing efficiency, and increasing capacity. This, in turn, unlocks new potential for their customers and repair shop stakeholders."


Brian Chesky's New Playbook

Find Lenny Rachitsky's interview with Brian Chesky, co-founder and CEO of Airbnb.

"Brian is one of the most inspiring, driven, and first-principled thinkers on product, growth, and leadership, and ever since I launched the podcast, it's been a dream to have Brian on.

In conversation, Brian shares:

→ How Airbnb rethought the role of product management

→ The importance of founders staying very close to the details

→ Why Airbnb moved away from traditional growth channels and what they are doing instead

→ Advice for founders on how to lead

→ Tips for preventing burnout, and personal growth

→ Why he says he still has a lot to prove

→ Much more"


Creating Europe’s Circular Economy

The latest from Jennifer Schenker at The Innovator:

"Aurubis, a Hamburg, Germany-based global supplier of non-ferrous metals and one of the world’s largest copper recyclers, processes input materials like complex metal concentrates, scrap, organic and inorganic metal-bearing recycling materials, and industrial residues into metals. Now it is intends to add a new revenue stream to the mix: recycling the valuable metals in electric car batteries such as lithium, nickel and cobalt as well as graphite from the black mass that is produced when batteries are crushed by other participants in the value chain."


The Business Impact of Extended Reality

Looking beyond immersive technologies to their business impact in this article from MIT Sloan School of Management:

Extended reality bridges the physical and digital worlds to create opportunities for new business outcomes, competitive differentiation, and sustainability.

Following digital revolutions in communications and computation, the next transformation cycle involves human and machine convergence. This challenges organizations to use extended reality, or XR, to bridge the physical and digital worlds to create opportunities for new business outcomes, competitive differentiation, and sustainability."


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