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Platform Digest — 20.50

👋 🎄 A weekly round-up of what was written or said at the intersection of #platforms, #marketplaces and #business, and stood out.

The Super Fan Flywheel:

Once creators make money on your platform, they will bring more fans and spread the word to other creator segments. With enough creators and fans interacting with each other, you can then build discovery channels to make "come for the tool, stay for the network" come true.

🤓 Or, "come for the community"—Peter Yang

Mapping the Creator Economy:

Then the internet came along (for real), and suddenly anyone could put anything online. Today, curation isn’t done by any one person, but by the public who votes with their attention. This new democracy has seen a new class of citizens emerge: The Creators.

👩‍🎨 The business model of good taste—Hugo Amsellem

Delivery Apps Need to Start Treating Suppliers as Partners:

Marketplace platforms have vision into the whole market, which enables them to predict demand — an advantage they should use to the benefit of their suppliers [..] In the long run, marketplaces could use their overview of the market to help retailers with exactly the right products on the shelves, and driver teams staffed in direct proportion to order volume.

🔮 That future is already here (just not evenly distributed)—HBR

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