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Platform Digest 2021.20: Distribution is free.

👋 On time for your weekend: a round-up of this week's most remarkable stories at the intersection of #ecosystem#innovation and #platform#organisation.

Distribution and Demand

In fact, everything that is distributed via the Internet is effectively free. Netflix, Oath, HBO Max, Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Spotify, YouTube, Stratechery — all are effectively free to access for anyone from anywhere. This is why I get so confused when companies or regulators complain about Google or Facebook controlling distribution; neither company controls the cables or routers or switches that deliver content. They have zero control of distribution. Rather, what those companies control is demand.

🤓 or, platformised and aggregated — by Ben Thompson

🎮 Discord

In 2008, the “app store” was just announced and Jason thought this would be the perfect time to take the entrepreneurial plunge. His thesis was that with the launch of mobile gaming on the iPhone he would get “free distribution” if he manages to become a “launch title” (ie develop his game before the app store is live). Whenever a new console comes out, there is always a new set of games that offer a new kind of experiences that are “native” to that console. This is one of very moments where new gaming behaviors are born….it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

🕹️ on chasing platform shifts — by First 1000

Better Aligning Value Creation & Value Capture

Maybe the ownership economy is what will makes capitalism more palatable to a wider audience. Maybe it leads to a world where instead of putting guillotines outside entrepreneur’s homes, we cheer for them knowing we’re much more financially aligned--that the more money entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg make, the more money its users make directly (as opposed to indirectly through government services paid for by their tax dollars).

🌐 a world of distributed value — by Erik Torenberg and his thoughts

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