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Platform Digest 2021.21: The Shifting Ground.

👋 On time for your weekend: a round-up of this week's most remarkable stories at the intersection of #ecosystem#innovation and #platform#organisation.

Status Anxiety as a Service

This can be maddening. Twitter creates the instantaneous illusion of social equality between influencers and normal people, but then it periodically reminds you that it’s an illusion. When you’re in the replies, giving hell to a famous person who made a bad take or having a conversation with your hero, it seems like a radical leveling of human society. But as soon as the reply-thread is over, the high-status person simply sails back off into the high-status clouds, and you crash back down into the low-status muck.

🎖 On ever shifting status — by Noahpinion

Why Industrial-Era Companies Are Dying

It’s not just the buildings: it’s the digital mindset that is also is horizontal. Its purpose is to delight customers. Making money is the result, not the goal of its activities. Its focus is on continuous innovation. Its dynamic is enablement, rather than control. Its communications tend to be horizontal conversations. It aspires to liberate the full talents and capacities of those doing the work.

😌 It's always worth revisiting the shift in organising - by Steve Denning

Apple, Fedex and the cookie apocalypse

Before the internet, that meant car ads in car magazines and watch ads in the Economist. Ads were based on context, and on inferring the audience from the context. The internet gave advertisers the opposite axis - it let them show ads based on the reader instead of the page. One side-effect of this was relocation of value - you can target an Economist reader a week later on a different website.

📢 More on the shift in advertising — by Benedict Evans

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