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Platform Digest 2022.04: Tech Balloons, Design and Awareness

👋 On time for your weekend: a round-up of this week's most remarkable stories at the intersection of #ecosystem #innovation and #platform #organisation.

The Great Deflate

As such, I might suggest that for the 20th year in a row, we’re not going to see a tech bubble burst. Because it’s not and never was a bubble. Instead, perhaps it’s best to think of it more like a balloon. And while those too can pop, they can also deflate over time. This feels like a more apt analogy for what is happening here. The air which had inflated earnings multiples to the Moon in tech is slowly but surely coming out, returning the balloon closer to Earth...So instead of 10%, 20%, 30% crashes in value in a single day, we’re getting 1%, 2%, 3% dissipating from many stocks nearly every day. The end result is similar, drops upwards of 50% in terms of price and market cap. But again, it has happened over weeks and months, not days.

🎈There are clearly some balloons floating around in the metaverse air - The Great Deflate by M.G. Siegler

The return to scarcity

A lot of publishers talk about “quality over quantity,” but they tend to fall back on the latter when push comes to shove. Doing fewer things better comes with tradeoffs. You need a solid business model that ensures enough people will pay you or have value to advertisers and are hard to find through algorithmic ad platforms. (Ideally both.) That’s why so many publishers are focused on a “high-value audience” of elites and influentials. It also takes patience and fortitude. There’s no compression algorithm for quality. You can’t growth hack your way there like you can with distribution, and many running publishing businesses don’t truly understand how hard is to create quality content consistently because most running these businesses have never done it themselves.

🏆Quality over quantity reduces the numbers, leading to a scarce resource which high quality blogposts are. Gone are the days of simple internet - by Brian Morrissey

Software Is Automating Design. What Does That Mean For Designers?

These days, designers largely observe industry best practices to build approachable products. Many of these practices are codified into design systems and easy to implement, making straightforward, well-designed — albeit simply designed — sites and apps ubiquitous. It’s a natural evolution: as teams optimize for the best way to solve problems, be it accessibility or usability, they arrive at similar outcomes. In designing the best for the most, the result has been a systemization of design, one that makes finding a hamburger menu or settings tab in an app a nearly instinctual exercise.

🤖 The evolution of Design and the role of a human being in it - by Carly Ayres


Alice Sheldon: Why weren't we taught that in school?

You can set conversations up already so the people have more buy in, and then they are less likely to be talking about other things that aren't on purpose, because they have got a part in that purpose. There are times where someone is so caught up in something that there is a danger that the whole action, or purpose, or direction can be derailed. And at that point it is important, a piece of leadership to be able to say 'What I'm noticing is that we have spent this amount of time on this but I'm concerned that if we don't shift over now we are going to lose what we are looking for as a whole. So that's something about making it very conscious when you choose to stop listening before perhaps the person in question is ready to move on... It's not the question that we all just sit there and listen to each other all day long and don't get anything done. That doesn't serve the needs of the whole or indeed of the individuals.

This may sound simple and duh, but is that really that simple? Self-awareness is a hard skill, ultimately. A lot of learning on why we so often don't get things done even if we have the best of intentions 👆 - The Wicked Podcast

🎁 One More Thing

I had a Thirty minutes ☕️ chat on morning routines and life hacks, career choices and favourite books, and a few thoughts on innovation.

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