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Platform Digest 2022.19: On the Own Path

👋 On time for your weekend: a round-up of this week's most remarkable stories at the intersection of #ecosystem #innovation and #platform #organisation.

The Arc of the Practical Creator - More To That

Throughout our upbringing and our time in the educational system, we are taught that an expenditure of effort leads to an immediate reward. If you clean your room, you’ll get to have pizza for dinner. If you study hard for an exam, you’ll get a good grade. If you have a great interview, you’ll get that great job. And so on. The causal chain linking effort and reward is perpetually reinforced in our most formative years, which carries with us well into adulthood. The issue is that this chain breaks down when we want to walk our own paths.

📓 A manual for those who chose their own path in life - by Lawrence Yeo

Approach Your Personal Brand Like a Project Manager

By now, most professionals recognize the value of having a strong personal brand. After all, if you’re not associated with particular concepts or strengths or characteristics or viewpoints, then you’re probably invisible inside your organization. That might be fine for where you are now, but if you want to advance, you need to distinguish yourself in some way. Conversely, if you have a strong personal brand, people often seek you out for opportunities or want to work with you, specifically. A strong personal brand is a form of career insurance.

🧰 A framework for those who chose their own path in life - by Dorie Clark and Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez

Is this another tech bubble bursting?

In the dot-com era, if you wanted to invest in a tech stock, you had to go find a tech stock — and lots of people did. But now you’re likely invested in tech even if you don’t want to be. That’s because many of the biggest tech companies — like Google, Facebook, and Apple, with a combined market cap of more than $4 trillion — ****now make up significant chunks of the big stock indexes. Which means that relatively conservative investment vehicles, such as index funds run by Vanguard and Fidelity, own big chunks of tech companies. So even if your only exposure to the stock market is via your 401(k) or IRA, you’re probably exposed to tech stocks.

🌏 There is no way out, software ate the world - by Rani Molla & Peter Kafka

🎧 Packy McCormick and Ben Thompson Talk About Their Own Start, Finding Your Audience and The Creativ...

The opportunity on the internet is the horizontal one. The key to success on the internet is not competing with the big fish, it’s that you have the opportunity to create a pond anywhere you want to. And you can create that pond as perfectly suited to your capabilities. Packy and me, we are nominally covering the same thing, and yet no one in the world never think of us as being competitors. Packy dominates the Packy pond, I dominate the Ben pond, and lots of other people dominate their ponds. The opportunities on the internet are horizontal ones. The internet provides an incredible amount of breadth where you can build your niche because the audiences are so large.

🔑 Those who chose their own path in life - by Cartoon Avatars

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