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Platform Digest 2022.25: Sensational Relationships

👋 On time for your weekend: a round-up of this week's most remarkable stories at the intersection of #ecosystem #innovation and #platform #organisation.

Transcending the Transactional

Art is a personal vision, not merely a knee-jerk reaction to market forces and metrics. Art is inherently human whereas that content creator way of being is more akin to how a machine, to how an AI behaves. So 1000 True Fans as an idea works because it makes you think and act at a human scale again. I’m not looking for virality, I’m looking for the small band of people who resonate with what I freely choose to create, no matter how strange or idiosyncratic that ends up being based on what I feel driven to do. Or at least that’s what I tell myself!

👩‍🎨 On staying true to the ecosystem - by Luke Burgis

Micro consumer

Grow through the niches. Consumers are not a monolithic group. They are an aggregate of subgroups and niches. Our job is to define these subgroups, and personalize the look, feel, tone of voice, and membership benefits for them. Netflix is already doing it: the Netflix brand isn’t shows, it’s personalization. This positioning allows Netflix to create a global market made out of micro-communities with their niche tastes. This approach allows Netflix to grow a brand distinction as it scales, and to avoid the reverse network effects as it grows. Everyone has their own version of the brand.

💃 On nurturing authenticity in the relationships - by Ana Andjelic

Notes on Work

The species that endured for millions of years (bees, ants, etc.) have several shared attributes: They cooperate, are remarkably adaptable, and work. The temples we pray in, the media we stream, and the vaccines that protect us are a function of other people’s work. Your work, whether at home or for an organization, will play a huge role in your happiness. Early in adulthood, work is a vehicle for establishing self-sufficiency. Later, hopefully, it becomes a source of self-esteem and a way to feel connected to others and society. Opportunity, relationships, and mental health can be difficult to recognize, as often they come disguised as work.

🥙 On nurturing deep relationships at work - by Scott Galloway

🎧 Shopify’s Harley Finkelstein: There’s room for us and Amazon

We make it really easy for our merchants to leverage these marketplaces, but ultimately, I think this idea of direct2consumer where you had this direct relationship 1:1 with the person you are buying from, that will be a mainstay in the future of commerce. From a merchant perspective, there are going to be brands who simply want to sell on a marketplace… But when you look across our brands and particularly some of our largest brands…, they want to have direct relationship with the people buying from them. They want to curate that experience, they want to ensure that that customer is buying directly from them, for various marketing reasons, because they want to be able to have a deeper, authentic relationship, so there is a future for both.

😮‍💨 The era of transactions takes in its last breaths - in Danny In The Valley

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