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Platform Digest 2022.27: Borderless World

👋 On time for your weekend: a round-up of this week's most remarkable stories at the intersection of #ecosystem #innovation and #platform #organisation.

Who needs Web3?

Increasingly, the internet and globalization mean that a problem somewhere is a problem everywhere. We "succeeded" at globalizing our challenges, but we lack global-scale coordination tools. Over the next decades, we must build new institutions, new tools, and new methods to cooperate and incentivize people. And we must do so in a way that maintains and enhances human dignity… In his analysis of human affairs, Thomas Hobbes famously concluded that peace requires all members of society to submit to a single, central authority that wields absolute power. Along these lines, a world in which matters are increasingly complex, connected, and globalized requires a governing institution that is sophisticated in its methods, global in its scope, and more powerful than any empire we’ve ever seen.

🌏 Borderless Cooperation - in Hype Free with Dror Poleg

Minimum Viable State: Building a Nomad Internet Country

The world's power structures need to catch up with the tools. Most governments are late to the game and resistant to digital transformation. Yet the global competition for citizens is heating up and the way people move around the world is changing. This shift is already visible in remote work visas and US talent incentives: A reimagined approach to opportunity, prosperity, and freedom fuelled by knowledge and mobility….There are Chinatowns all over the world. We're all familiar with the idea of ethnic diasporas and globalized culture connecting people with each other and the motherland. An internet country is a “reverse diaspora”: a community that forms first on the internet, builds a culture online, and then comes together to build dwellings and structures offline.

🗺️ A dream of a Borderless Country - Lauren Ravazi

Want a more creative team? Research says to work async

The research suggests that these social dynamics compound — the more people included in a brainstorm, the fewer new ideas are generated. However, the opposite holds true for asynchronous brainstorming — each new participant adds more ideas to the collective pool… This research alone should be enough to make team leaders seriously reconsider how they foster creativity and innovation, but the ways in which real-time collaboration stifles alternative perspectives go beyond brainstorming sessions.

💡 Borderless Value Creation - Becky Kane

🎧 Greatness without Goals

It’s not even just about things that we want to accomplish, it’s about things we don’t know we want to accomplish but we would want to if we knew that it could even be possible. That could be what you are going to do in your life. You may create something, come up with some idea that you weren’t even aware that it was something worth trying to do, but turns out to be awesome… One thing that you have to digest here, which I think is really hard, is to accept that there is no good strategy to achieve a specific thing that we don’t know how to do. There is just no principled way to know how to do that… When you are talking about innovation, you have to understand that successful inventor, somebody who gets to places that we have not gotten before, is somebody who is open minded and willing to keep a repertoire of stepping stones around, without knowing which one is gonna be the pay-off.

🧘🏻‍♀️ Borderless Mind - with Kenneth Stanley in Invest Like the Best

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