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Platform Digest 2022.28: 'Real'People are IN

👋 On time for your weekend: a round-up of this week's most remarkable stories at the intersection of #ecosystem #innovation and #platform #organisation.

Influencers are out - Authenticity is in

The accessibility of UGC creation and sheer amount there is to choose from makes it ripe for exploitation, and a win-win situation where nearly anyone with an internet connection and camera can participate and potentially be paid…“What we realized is the more ‘produced’ we are, the more disconnected you get from that passionate consumer,” Sally says. “UGC drew customers to us because it felt real. They could see themselves in that moment, whether it was the camera angle or the way people looked, and the enjoyment factor was genuine. It drove an emotional connection with our content that was a little bit unexpected.”

🦹 'Realness' is IN - by Danica Lo

Hell Is Ourselves

While No Exit foresees the pressures of social media, where self-definition can be become unhealthily bound to other people’s reactions to our posts, the dynamic is still between sentient actors, each with their own subjectivity. But as the eyes of non-sentient machine-learning systems open wider, for me the claustrophobia increasingly comes not from being unable to unhook myself from the online judgments of others (“You’re lovely!”) but from being locked in with algorithmically produced images of myself. On the bespoke Internet, hell is — ourselves!

Laurence Scott on the experience of reality in the XXI Century 👹

The dream is over for China’s tech workers

The series of crackdowns has wiped billions of dollars of value from tech companies and forced Ant Group and ByteDance to shelve their mega IPO plans. Instead of pursuing profits and expansion, managing political risks has become a new priority. “It is natural for tech firms to cut many lines of business that have previously operated in areas without regulatory clarity or could raise political concerns with the party,” Xin Sun, a political economy researcher at King’s College London, told Rest of World. “The tech giants are intending to signal that they are not building empires or amassing undue influence that could threaten either the single-party rule or Xi’s leadership.”

💪 Tech is Power, and the recent development in China - by Viola Zhou

📺 Part 2: How the Great Reshuffle is changing the world around us

The leverage that the Internet provides creators, thinkers, makers of movies or podcasts. The list is literally endless. I was thinking the other day that in 1990, if you wanted to write something, and you wanted people to read what you wrote, you really were at the mercy of the big publications. So if you couldn’t get a spot at one of the big newspapers or one of the commentary journals or any of the specialised journals that, say you were interested in fishing, you couldn’t write anything about that unless that journal gave you a spot. Today, if you have a cell phone, and you have a connection to the Internet, you have a potential world-wide audience at your fingertips.

👩‍💻 When ordinary people get to create extraordinary things, together - New Series in Infinite Loops

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