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Platform Digest 2022.44: The Right Questions

👋 On time for your weekend: a round-up of this week's most remarkable stories at the intersection of ecosystem innovation and platform organization.

The Ant That Went to Mars

The invention of the internet is nothing less than a biological event. It changes who we are as a species. How can internet humans survive? We'll have to figure out how to process complex information together. And some of us will have to take larger and larger "wrong turns" — have to try more things that will likely fail in order to have a shot at finding a "path" that will save us all. It looks like we're already doing exactly that.

🐜 Internet changes who we are as species - by Dror Poleg


And then we get to the question of software. Buyers today, especially the crucial demographic of young buyers, care much more about electronics and the interior experience of their cars than previous, older groups who prioritized performance and speed. This falls neatly into the realm of User Experience which the electronics industry now does very well. Ultimately, this is a software question.

🤖 Software questions deliver different answers - by D/D Advisors

So is the On Demand Economy Dead?

The story might give you the impression that the “on-demand” economy that gained enormous traction during the pandemic was dead. Or that the nearly $10 billion of venture capital that went into quick commerce companies in 2021 was dead money. But I don’t buy that — on-demand has now become an endemic (urban) social behavior, and it will only become more pervasive.

❓The value of asking the right questions is huge - in OM

How many metaverses?

We can’t just presume it, that once you have done that engineering everyone will buy it. We also can’t just talk about this stuff now so we can describe where it will work. It’s like predicting the internet in the 1990, or predicting mobile in 2000. Even if it happens, it won’t be like that. There’s nothing there now. There may be a lot, whatever it is, it’s not whatever we describe now because it can’t be, we can’t predict it like that.

🔮 All you need to know about the Metaverse - in Another Podcast

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