Platforms 20.45 — A weekly digest

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

👋 A weekly round-up of what was written or said at the intersection of #platforms, #marketplaces and #business, and stood out.

An Important Announcement from Airbnb:

You have turned hosting into so much more than a way to rent out your extra space. You’ve turned hosting into an art and a science, focusing on the small personal touches that make your guests feel special. You care for guests like family members visiting, and the connection you have with them lasts long after they leave.

🎰 The Platform Innovation Engine at work—AirBnB

Algorithms Workers Can’t See Are Increasingly Pulling the Management Strings:

In the workplace, self-learning algorithmic computer systems are being introduced by companies to assist in areas such as hiring, setting tasks, measuring productivity, evaluating performance, and even terminating employment: “I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid you are being made redundant.”

🤖 The ghost in the machine—Singularity Hub

Learn Marketplaces:

✅ Intro to Marketplaces ✅ Types of Marketplaces ✅ Tackling the Chicken & Egg Problem ✅ Marketplace Growth ✅ Team Structures for Marketplaces ✅ Marketplace Case Studies

📓 What it says on the tin: a marketplaces primer—Best Practicer

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