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Platforms 20.46 — A weekly digest

👋 A weekly round-up of what was written or said at the intersection of #platforms, #marketplaces and #business, and stood out.

Time for a new social contract for the gig economy:

Instead of fighting tooth and nail trying to stop the growth of the gig economy, isn’t it time Europe embraces it as the new social frontier and starts working on this brand new social contract?

🤭 New frontiers are hard to accept—Nicolas Colin/Sifted

Digital platforms aren't utilities — treating them like they are won't help:

[..] there is no a priori optimal level of openness or neutrality of a platform, since both involve costs and benefits. Assuming there is — that the more open and neutral, the better — is one of the biggest mistakes

🤔 "It’s the economy, stupid"..?—The Hill

Digital Platforms and Patterns of Disruption Across Industries:

It is interesting that we had two presentations that were in theory about the same thing, but fundamentally not. Their notions of platform are not the same thing: what engineers understand by platforms [and] platforms that connect different kinds of users.

🤓 Innovation platforms and Transaction platforms—SMS Panel 1 (and Panel 2)


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