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Platforms 20.49 — A weekly digest

👋 A weekly round-up of what was written or said at the intersection of #platforms, #marketplaces and #business, and stood out.

Stripe: Platform of Platforms:

Instead the company is busy building, well, exactly what it has said it was building all along: economic infrastructure. And, I will freely admit, until this week I didn’t completely appreciate just how mammoth an undertaking that was.

🤓 Innovating for Innovation Platforms—Ben Thompson

Airbnb vs Booking Holdings:

The Airbnb founders believe in rationality, but they also know that psychology and irrationality sometimes plays an even greater role, particularly when the undertaking is all about human interaction and creating something new. This is Airbnb’s business, and why I would not bet against it.

🤔 What's a Weekly Digest without AirBnB?—Mauricio Prieto

DoorDash Delivers a Fairy-Tale Flywheel:

No one will contest that food delivery is a large market opportunity. The more interesting debate is around DoorDash’s flywheel, because it is the tool it wants to use to convince investors that it has a unique opportunity in this space not only to continue to grow, but to do so profitably.

🤭 What's a Weekly Digest without a Flywheel?—Jake Singer


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