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TheNTWK | Ecosystems

By Luis Miguel Zapata, Julian Kawohl, Pedro Miguel Ahlers, Dyan Finkhousen & Mark Boyd.

LMZ: "It is a comprehensive experience in which you could solve your needs in one channel or in one integrated experience; it could be a mobile app, a web page, or a physical experience."

JK: "In this seamless integration, there are multiple companies, and value creation, which is for me the key components of ecosystems offerings."

PMA: "Once you have built such an ecosystem, what you do is put the whole topic on the table. So everybody who joins sitting around this table understands the full problem, the full challenge. And now it's a question of who can contribute, solving or improving the whole situation."

DF: "We intentionally look at operating models that bring together, dedicated and affiliated organizations and resources that are aligned, loosely; aligned around a shared vision, a shared purpose, a shared cause, or shared effort."

MB: "If we take a step back, you've got all of these platforms; some of the third parties that are building on top of the products from the platform business are also building products with another platform. So, suddenly you've got this web of interconnections... and that's what we would call an ecosystem."


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