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✨ TheNTWK Quote ✨ by Adam Broadway

Last Thursday took place TheNTWKTalk of the week: “Lessons from Building an Ecosystem”, by Adam Broadway CEO at platformOS , in conversation with Marina Planas, CEO and Co-Founder of TheNTWK, and of course, you NTWKers!


✅ 2 main types of communities: Community of Interest and Community of Practice. Communities of Practice are where practitioners are the most invested and passionate, their livelihoods depend on it. Communities of Interest are more for the hobbyist. Of course, there is an intersection between both types

✅ The natural system is the perfect example of an ecosystem: cells and molecules that function separately don't function properly, they don't have the other organisms, inputs, and outputs. In business happens a similar way

✅ One of the biggest mistakes is to jump in and create a marketplace instead of a community. Marketplaces are transactional. Whereas the community focuses on the group

Do you want the best 3 pieces of advice Adam gave our community? Join and find out 😉

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