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✨ TheNTWK Quote ✨ by Carmen Rico

Last week, as every Thursday took place TheNTWKTalk of the week: “In a funding round? Learn how to hack the system”, by Carmen Alfonso Rico, VC turned in Angel Investor at Cocoa 🍫, in conversation with Marina Planas, CEO and Co-Founder of TheNTWK, and of course, you NTWKers!

🤓 On this particular occasion we learned about why and how to invest in founders and StartUps. Some of the main Takeaways:

✅ For me, what is "a killer with a heart"? I look for founders that have real enthusiasm and that they are obsessed with their business

✅ Don't raise money that you are not going to put into work. Because you are going to put too much pressure on raising money

✅ To solve the chicken and egg problem, it depends on the VC and the type of market

✅ If I have to choose one metric is going to be cohorts: it tells me the growth of users and consumers, and their engagement. And it tells me if they love the product or if they don't. Its the most multidimensional metric

I see companies fail because founders don’t grow enough, there is no market, they focus too much on fundraising and forget to build the business, and/or they are not data-driven

👉 Want to review the talk? Couldn't you attend? No worries and have access to our Learning Pills 💊 Request Access!

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