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✨ TheNTWK Quotes ✨ by Geoffrey Parker, Marshall Van Alstyne and Peter Evans

This week, took place #TheNTWKInteract: "From Platform Revolution to...”, by Geoff Parker, Marshall Van Alstyne and Peter C. Evans, co-hosts MIT Platform Strategy Summit, in conversation with our #NTWKers

🤓 On July 14th, MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy will host the 10th Anniversary of the Platform Strategy Summit. And to warm up for this event, #TheNTWK hosted a special session where their co-hosts discussed about the evolution of platforms across the last decade.

💡Stay tuned to our calendar and participate in our TheNTWKEvents, where you can access insights and knowledge from the best professionals and referents in the field of #DigitalBusinessModels.

Become a #NTWKer 🙌 and belong to the leading community on (platform) digital thinking.


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