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#TheNTWKSummit2022 Report | From Physical to Digital Assets

Dear NTWKers,

As you all know, lately we have been carefully preparing our TheNTWKSummit22 Report. Once again, we want to say THANK YOU ALL OUR NTWKers for your support and contribution, which without it couldn’t have been possible ❤️.

Anna Noakes Schulze , Bety Soca, Catherine Schoendorff, Daniel Trabucchi, Flavia Consoli, Gisela Giralt, Juho Makkonen, Martha Boeckenfeld, Matthias Walter, Oliver Birk, Peter C. Evans

We are proud to present to you our Report and are HAPPY to share all the sessions’ summaries and takeaways. For us, this is more than a report, is the legacy we are leaving behind the dream that came true: our first, and many more to come, TheNTWKSummits 🔥 .

🚀 TheNTWKSummit22 Report is the milestone that propels us to go even further, to reach even higher, and keep on building together this Community. We are all together learning and working hard to thrive in the (platform) digital world!

Here you can download the interactive Report and delight yourself with all the writing and graphics.


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