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Thoughtforms 20.35 — A weekly digest

A short round-up of what we've seen this week on the intersection of #business, #technology, #platforms and #marketplaces, and thought was interesting.

“Airbnb is not a two-sided market. It is an extensive collection of new businesses – conferences and conference organisers, letting management services, cleaning companies, hosts, access managers and so on. It is an economy”

☝️ Is It The Platform Or Is It The Ecosystem? Ecosystem first👨‍🎓Link

“Making networks redundant is one way of disrupting strong network effects, but the cost of this is to sacrifice network effects yourself”

☝️ How to Disrupt Network Effects. Ecosystem-fit prevails over network effects👩‍🎓Link

“I don’t watch TikTok for Jason DeRulo’s thirsty attempts at viral fame, I watch it because the random nobodies who make up the For You page have built an entirely new language of comedy and video art”

☝️ This week in TikTok: Why does Instagram Reels suck so bad? Ecosystems are not controlled networks. Letting go of control can make for a great business model 🤓 Link


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