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TheNTWK Academy
Digital Business Model

Made by and for NTWKers

A new way to learn and increase your knowledge on platform business models. Subscribe now, and get access.TheNTWK Academy will be live every Wednesday!

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How to build a Networked Business Model

01 Introduction

02 Workshops Period

In 8 workshops you will learn how to fully develop a platform idea to a tangible concept. All of that without a million-dollar budget, intense theory, PowerPoint slides, or endless strategizing.


Our focus is on not repeating the things we already know but to give you tools that help you spin out experiments quickly, map out your platform flow, build a partner community, etc. Almost all examples used are European companies, most of the B2B.


You will end up with concrete deliverables (+templates) you can reuse to build your own platform, advocate for business model innovation in your organization or consult others on building their own.

Registration Deadline: Anytime


Date: 2nd February 2022

Time: 8:30h - 11:30h AM GMT+1 (Every Wednesday)

Length: 4 weeks

You will have unlimited access to the material and interact with the different Cohorts.

03 What you will learn

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How to understand and formulate a platform strategy

How to identify platform opportunities in your business model

26+ Ways of transforming a pipeline into a platform

How to design your first platform flow

How to design ridiculously cheap no-tech experiments and pick the right metrics

How to develop a simple governance model

How to build a partner community

How to define a strategy to reach critical mass

04 About your instructors

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Workshops are co-designed by TheNTWK & FutureBrains

Maximilian Gutsche

Pushing the platform economy in 🇪🇺

 Exploring multiple platform ideas as a founder, Freelance growth & product designer, Experience as marketplace & platform product manager

Nicolas A. Dürr

Building bridges between technology and the business

I enable startups, SMBs and enterprises in making their digital platforms and ecosystems fly!

05 Ready to join us? 

Every course comes with TheNTWK Subscription. Invest in your growth. With a subscription, you get on-demand access to knowledge, 1:1 professional coaching and the best community in the digital business models.


per person

*Included in TheNTWK Annual Subscription
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