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About Us

From seasoned entrepreneurs to aspiring startups, from industry experts to enthusiasts, we bring together individuals and organizations from diverse backgrounds and industries. What unites us is our shared commitment to learning, connecting, and making a difference through collaboration. Together, we form a vibrant ecosystem where ideas are exchanged, partnerships are forged, and opportunities are unlocked.

I'm a NTWKer, and you?

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At TheNTWK (The Network), our mission is to empower companies to do something big (made in Europe) by embracing digital business models and harnessing the transformative power of networks and collaboration. We believe that by fostering connections and facilitating collaboration, we can help businesses thrive in the digital economy while making a significant impact on a global scale. Our commitment lies in providing a dynamic platform and vibrant community hub dedicated to driving innovation, efficiency, and continuous growth in the digital era.


Our vision is to be the leading catalyst for collective growth and collaboration in the European's digital landscape. We envision a future where individuals and organizations come together to exchange ideas, share knowledge, and unlock new opportunities. Through a variety of channels such as TheNTWKCommunity, TheNTWKSummit, TheNTWKReports, TheNTWKTalks and Business-to-Business Learning, among others, TheNTWK facilitates connections and collaborations among entrepreneurs, innovators, professionals, and enthusiasts.



  1. Make It Happen: As entrepreneurs, we embrace initiative over fear of failure. NTWKers unite, moving forward together, prioritizing the company's wellbeing. We value transparency, trust, and diversity, welcoming all voices.

  2. Details Make The Difference: We care about the well-being of our users, customers, and employees. Details matter, so we work with rigor not forgetting simplicity is the king.

  3. Fun & Profit: Our daily work is a source of enjoyment as we pursue our passions and cultivate our skills to achieve greatness sustainably and responsibly.​

  4. Think out of the box: We continuously innovate, creating novel approaches that bring value to our stakeholders. Consequently, we design and develop all initiatives based on user feedback.

Diseños cartela general.jpeg


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