Who we are

"The NTWK is a community of platform business model enthusiasts, where venture capitalist, consultants, companies, academics, entrepreneurs can connect and exchange knowledge to better understand what it takes to build and run platforms and marketplaces.

We want to be the one stop place for everything related to platform economy so any member of the community can access recommended content and services that can help them in their digital transformation journey"

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Why we exist?

How Platforms Change Structure and Strategy - Marshall Van Alstyne MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy

Platforms are changing the business world, 9 of the 10 most valuable companies are platform-based business models and only 5% of executives leading the digital transformation recognise itself as an expert  to understand them

The know-how and knowledge is too fragmented and is hard to access recommended content and services with any social proof.


We want to change that and become the one stop place where all the content, services and products around platform economy are aggregated and recommended based on the feedback given by others.

Our services

Our community members have access to the following services to help them acquire knowledge, make decisions, solve problems and validate ideas around. Platform Economy reducing noise and waste of time



Discover what are platform-based business models

Access to recommended Workshops, Webinars, and Online Courses



Book a call with an expert according to your needs: one hour call , speaker for an event, idea execution (MVP),...

Meet entrepreneurs to co-create and venture build your platform idea into reality