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Discover the Latest Digital Business Trends

Our journey extends beyond the Summit and the Community. We curate comprehensive Reports that consolidate all the insights gained during the year. These reports serve as a valuable resource, bringing together the collective knowledge and experiences shared, ensuring that the impact of TheNTWK continues to provide lasting value.


TheNTWKSummit 2023 Report
From Physical to Digital Experiences

Gain insights from 350+ digital business innovators from 21 countries who gathered in Barcelona during TheNTWKSummit2023 to explore the latest trends in #platforms, #ecosystems, #marketplaces, #metaverse, #NFTs, #sustainability, #AI.

2023 European Digital Trends Report

Europe has a unique environment for digital platforms and ecosystems, bringing great opportunities to succeed as well as distinct challenges to overcome in launching and scaling digital platforms and ecosystem businesses. This report aims to highlight a set of digital innovation trends that will impact European digital businesses in 2023.

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TheNTWKSummit 2022 Report
From Physical to Digital Assets

During TheNTWKSummit2022, we had a few sentences that were repeated constantly: "Participate to learn" and "Let's do something big (made in Europe)". Our objective was to give tools to professionals to make a smooth transition from physical to digital assets.

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