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How to Build and Scale Circular Platforms

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13th October


4 weeks


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Digital disruptions, supply chain shortages, changing customer preferences and buying habits and even incoming legislation are all highlighting the need for innovative business models.

This course brings together business model transformation, customer experience and digital platforms to demonstrate how circular business models will play a crucial role in helping businesses respond to new market pressures and become future-fit.

Do you want to play a leading role in helping our society transition to a more sustainable future, but you are not sure how or where to start? This instructor-led and gamified course will enable you to confidently take advantage of the circular innovation opportunity and play your role in making a tangible difference.


Course details


6th - 29th November (2 times a week for 2 hours on Mondays and Wednesdays)



Course is for


Company Leader
You recognize the shifting customer needs and mounting business pressures and want to champion the sustainability transition through innovative business models.


Head of Digital Transformation/ Sustainability
You recognize the potential of combining digital technologies
with business model innovation to have a positive impact on society and the environment.


Innovation Project Leaders
You recognize the need to introduce more circular solutions to ensure sustainability of your digital business.

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What you will learn

    ♻️ The Circular Economy Opportunity
    Introduction to the Circular Economy and the different types of circular business model opportunities (e.g. resource recovery, product life extension, product as a service).

    ♻️ Circular Business Model Innovation
    Kickstart your circular ambitions to establish a comprehensive view of the benefits of creating circular business models across different innovation horizons.

    ♻️ Value Proposition Design for Circularity
    Take a customer-centric perspective to shape your circular business model and articulate how it can enhance your CX, adding value to your customers.

    ♻️ Circular Experience Design
    Apply user centred design and behavioural science techniques to create enticing circular customer experiences.

    🚀 What are platform based businesses and what do they have to do with circularity?
    Introduction to platform based business models and how they can help you drive exponential growth through enhanced market reach, improved resource allocation, increased efficiency through shared infrastructure and accelerated innovation and co-creation.

    🚀 Leveraging platforms to unlock the synergies of the circular business models  
    Learn how to leverage platforms to facilitate access over ownership, promote circular supply chains, encourage collaborative consumption, foster the sharing economy, and facilitate closed-loop systems.

    🚀 Data & technology as a way to embrace the shift in customer behavior towards circularity
    Discover how you can use the technology and data to exploit opportunities to build market tailored circular platforms and gain the necessary agility in terms of time to market.

    🚀 Setting up circular pilots and empowering your ecosystem - strategic vision alignment to onboard partners and customers into your circular innovation
    Shape your circular ecosystem and mature your piloting and go to market capabilities to successfully launch and scale your new circular experiences.


About your instructors

Loic Le Fouest

Circular CX Expert, Clarasys

Loic is a Customer Experience (CX) specialist with a proven track record of improving experiences across the private, public and not for profit sector. He leads the CX practice of the management consultancy Clarasys that specialises in CX design, organisational strategy, business model innovation, sustainability and digital transformation. In 2022 he kicked off a partnership with the University of Exeter’s Centre for the Circular Economy to explore the challenges of engaging customers in the circular economy and co-published an industry leading report and toolkit on Creating Customer Experiences in the Circular Economy.  

Marta Agrech

CEO of Oxie, the first European-based voluntary carbon credit marketplace

Marta's field of expertise is the design of sustainable digital ecosystems especially within the industrial environment. She is a CEO and founder of Oxie - the first European carbon regenerative ecosystem ensured by technology. She is also a visiting professor at IESEG Business School where she teaches Strategy & Digital Transformation as well as TheNTWK Ambassador for France. She worked on digital transformation projects with companies like Airbus and CMA CGM. Marta is a believer in collective intelligence and is passionate about the sustainability challenges of digital transformation.


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What real people are saying? 

Camilla Marcus-Dew, Amplify Goods Co-Founder

"These tools and frameworks offer a practical CE innovation blueprint and support the fundamental mindset shift required to drive the design and delivery of products and services that offer great experiences and work within the planetary boundaries."

Barry Waddilove, Head of Circular Economy & Partnerships at Electrolux

"Clarasys brings a new perspective on the CE, helping us to think about this system change through the lens of the customer and to really delve into the behavioral change implications."


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