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The New Growth Playbook

Every company has the potential to grow like Amazon, Apple and Alibaba.

They (simply) need to:

1. Invest in digital business models and platform strategies.
2. Re-structure their operations.
3. Innovate and execute in new ways.

I spent a year analysing in-depth which business models work best in a hyper-connected world and how traditional organisations can, in practice, adopt and adapt them.

My easy-to-consume online video program shows you how.

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Simon Torrance

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Corporate leaders are worried 

Even without the current crisis, digitisation has been shrinking traditional profit pools, and growth has been harder than ever for incumbents. Surveys have demonstrated the scale of the problem:

- 80% of CEOs believe their business models are not economically viable as their sector digitalises

- 94% of CEOs are unhappy with innovation efforts

- 85% of digital investment has generated zero or negative ‘Economic Value Added'

- 90% of corporate start-ups have failed

While we have to stabilise things right now, we also need to plan for the future and renew how we think about strategy, innovation and where best to invest.

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- Module 1:The New Growth Agenda: How to re-think sources of growth and value in an increasingly digital economy

- Module 2:Platform, Network and Ecosystem Know-How: How (exactly) platform-based business models work and how to implement them

- Module 3:Business Model Pioneers: Case studies and examples from around the world

- Module 4:The New Hybrid Business Model Portfolio: How to re-allocate capital towards a better mix of business models

- Module 5:RENEW: How to kick start a Business Model Transformation

Simon Torrance

For over 25 years I've helped companies with new growth strategy and business model innovation, working with big and small organisations across many sectors and regions of the world.

I work with a network of world-class partners – subject matter experts and specialist execution organisations - to develop and implement platform-based growth strategies, breakthrough innovation programmes and new digital ventures.

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