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The Platform Design Sprint

The Platform Design Sprint is perfect for you if:

- you have your project you want to design the strategy for, alone or with your team (you can also join someone who has one).

- you are interested in the core of the method: DESIGN & VALIDATION.

Accelerate your learning by applying our tools to your project or business idea in a step-by-step experience:

- Change your mindset, look at markets and organizations through the lens of ecosystems thinking, and grasp the emerging opportunities.

- Learn how to use a full set of design tools while you accelerate your strategy

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Simone Cicero

Who this course is for?

- Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs (individually or in teams) who will leap forward their ideas and begin prototyping to launch experiments.

- Managers at innovation, strategy and marketing units who want to understand and begin using platform strategies in their day-to-day.

- Consultants and strategy designers who want to initiate themselves into platform and ecosystem thinking and know how to use the tools.

- Companies (incubators, marketplaces) that operate in a digital space and would like to understand how to capture value from the ecosystem.

- Social entrepreneurs and public servants who seek to increase their impact through platformization.

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1. Clearly understanding your ecosystem, the evolution of your value chain.

2. Frame the context: how to frame a platformization opportunity and apply patterns of platform thinking to strengthen you design context.

3. Learn the tools: how to use and apply the 8 Platform Design Toolkit canvases to a single project work, from ecosystem identification and strategy design, to prototyping and preparation of the validation phase.

4. Learn the Principles of Platform Design: What are the principles of platform design one should keep in mind while developing an ecosystem mobilization strategy.

An experience that takes you from zero to a clear execution plan for a project.

Simone Cicero

Simone Cicero (CEO Boundaryless), Luca Ruggeri (co-founder at Boundaryless & PDT Micro-enterprise Lead), Lucia Hernandez (Regenerative Business Lead), Guglielmo Apolloni (Design Lead)

You'll receive training directly from the core team at Boundaryless, the creators of Platform Design Toolkit that have been training more than a thousand - in private and public settings - spreading platform design all over the world.

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