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Building Generative AI Products that Users Love with Max Gutsche

Last week, NTWKers had the pleasure of meeting Maximilian Gutsche, Co-Founder of Their product specializes in transforming blog posts, podcasts, and video content into engaging LinkedIn posts, Twitter threads, Tweets, Newsletter entries, and long-form articles—all while preserving your unique tone and voice. We share key Max's insights on crafting AI products that resonate with users and foster a lasting connection!

  • Building generative AI products that users love involves quickly spinning up differentiators such as user interfaces, defensible methodologies, data, collaboration tools, and network effects to make the product more difficult to copy and lock users in.

  • AI has the potential to be integrated into everything and will have a significant impact in the next five years. AI is becoming like electricity, integrated everywhere and universally accessible.

  • Building generative AI products requires understanding the customer's needs and collaborating closely with developers, and it is important to have knowledge from various sources such as AI experts and successful companies like a16z, Figma, and GitHub.

Read all takeaways and watch the full recording in our community.


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