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Embracing Change: Key Takeaways for Successful Business Reinvention

In today’s ever-changing landscape, the untapped potential for transformative innovation in traditional sectors is garnering increasing attention. Industries that have been the backbone of economies for decades, such as Health, Mobility, and Energy, are ripe for revolutionary advancements. By fostering cross-industry collaboration, embracing people-centric approaches, and building strong communities, stakeholders can harness the power of innovation to transcend industry boundaries and drive systemic change.

The Energy sector, in particular, is experiencing a momentous shift towards a greener and more sustainable future. This transformation is driven by technological advancements, environmental imperatives, and an increasing focus on renewable energy sources. As we delve deeper into this realm, the report will delve into the opportunities and challenges that come with adopting a more sustainable approach.

The Mobility ecosystem is also undergoing a radical transformation, characterized by a structured collaborative network involving vehicle manufacturers, service providers, infrastructure players, government bodies, and end-users. Digital platform business models have emerged as catalysts, boosting collaboration and enabling a redesign to enhance the end-user experience.

Furthermore, we analyze the impact of digital innovation in Healthcare, with endless possibilities and significant potential benefits, the future of healthcare delivery is set to be revolutionized. The health industry is experiencing unprecedented innovation, leveraging emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence to enhance and improve patient care. However, as with any transformation, challenges and opportunities await. The report will delve into the key aspects of this digital disruption and the implications it holds for healthcare providers and patients alike.

“It is really difficult for brands to start innovating when there are so many technologies that are coming to play and so many ways in which you can look into that mix. That often starts either holding brands back or accelerating failures [...] One of the biggest mistakes you can make within innovation is trying to predict the future by looking at the present and lacking a concrete view on what is happening in the big picture,” shared Diego Borgo, Metaverse & NFT Advisor Co-Founder BorgoLabs.

In summary, this section of #TheNTWKSummit23Report aims to shed light on the transformative potential of innovation in traditional sectors. By fostering collaboration and embracing new approaches, stakeholders can pave the way for a brighter, more sustainable, and people-centric future.


Top 6 Key Takeaways for Digital Business Models & Innovations

1) Successful business reinvention aims for a significant change and requires changes to the core business elements, adapting all technology layers, and considering all employees.

2) Organisations can achieve better results when they adopt a mindset focusing on outcomes instead of output, which OKRs can facilitate.

3) AI is becoming a fundamental business requirement and it is important to consider and combine different AI techniques to solve business problems effectively.

4) The importance of soft skills keeps on increasing and the focus should shift towards “human skills” that set us apart from machines.

5) Embracing a “learn-it-all” philosophy instead of a “know-it-all” philosophy is crucial for the adaptation that innovation requires.

6) Companies can learn from nature’s approach to growth and apply the concept of layering to their innovation strategies.


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