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Exploring Augmented Reality and Metaverse with Dr. Martha Boeckenfeld in #TheNTWKTalks

Last week, NTWKers participated in Dr. Martha Boeckenfeld's discussion on technology, mindfulness, and well-being in the Marthaverse. Discover the key takeaways from this #TheNTWKTalks.

  • Doctors at Johns Hopkins performed a first-of-its-kind augmented reality surgery using a headset with a see-through eye display to project images of a patient's internal anatomy, making procedures more accurate, less invasive, and safer.

  • The integration of Web3, blockchain, AI, and VR can create abundance and improve the world for all, beyond just financial richness.

  • Emerging technologies like immersive virtual reality headsets, AI pins, and wearable devices are becoming more accessible and will revolutionize various industries.

  • The power of networks is essential for sharing knowledge and shaping the future of the global digital economy, with a focus on collaboration, support, and innovation.

Watch out for the recording and discover all the insights in our community.


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