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New Platform Opportunity Exploration Guide (Stable Release)

Dear all, after a fairly long field testing period started in 2018, we’re now releasing the first stable version of our Platform Opportunity Exploration Guide —the v 1.0. If you’re a loyal member of the Platform Design Toolkit community you will recall that the Platform Opportunity Exploration guide was released in 2018 after an intense research process that brought us to integrate mainly three key pieces of work: Simon Wardley’s work on value chain mapping, the work of John Hagel and others at Deloitte Center for the Edge on digital markets, and Ben Thompson’s aggregation theory.

This new release of the Platform Opportunity Exploration guide brings up truly notable changes:

  • overtakes the existing Platform Opportunity Exploration Guide previously released in 2018 (v 0.1);

  • is now based on more than two years of application of our opportunity exploration framework that has been largely taught at our Platform Design Bootcamp to hundreds of certified professionals.

  • a newly packaged set of related canvases available in the companion download pack;

  • now features both an “impromptu” (short) process of exploration and the fully structured one (suggested)

  • introduces the Six Platform Plays approach to transforming value chains.

If you want to connect to the upcoming AMA session to discuss the Platform Opportunity Exploration guide in details, ask questions on how to use it and get help you can subscribe here: so we can send you all the needed links!

Read all details about the released here:

Watch the video Walk-through here:


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