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Takeaways from #TheNTWKTalks: Keys to B2B Platform Success, with Geoffrey G. Parker

Geoff Parker joined us at TheNTWKTalk to share and discuss the findings of his research on B2B Platforms. Geoff shared plenty of insights and findings, here're a few to highlight:

  • B2B and B2C platforms solve for different problems.

  • Network effects in B2B markets scale with the number of interactions and associated data.

  • B2B Platforms start with independent value and create network effect value over time.

  • B2B monetisation differs from B2C.

  • At the end, Geoff shares two main areas companies need to pay attention to for success:

  • Avoid fully finance- and ROI-centric approach in planning and decision making, and instead learn to ask different questions, like what capabilities are created, what is the impact on innovation rate and what metrics are needed.

  • Adopt product management function to enable leaner and faster organisation that is rooted in customer value

You can listen to TheNTWKTalk and read more takeaways in our community platform.


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