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The Future of Circular Business Models: Key Takeaways from TheNTWKTalk with Stefan Durina

Last week, we had #TheNTWKTalks with Stefan Durina, CEO & Founder of Beneko, a marketplace focused on the smartphone segment. Beneko aims to address the issue of short smartphone lifetimes and promote circularity by allowing users to sell or reuse their old phones instead of keeping them unused or throwing them away.

NTWKers asked him questions about the circular economy and marketplaces.

Here are some key takeaways from this talk:

  • In the future, there will be a shift towards circular business models where customers can use devices for as long as they want, return them, and receive credit, leading to a decrease in product sales and an increase in subscription-based services.

  • Returning or selling products should be as easy as buying them. Stefan believes that they can provide better tools for companies to enable this business model.

  • The market is continuously growing, and eventually, every brand, retail shop, and bank will become a marketplace, enabled by technology.

  • Manufacturers should take responsibility for designing products with the intention of easy decomposition, recycling, and reuse, as this mindset will result in better and more sustainable products.

Read all takeaways and watch the full recording in our community.


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