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Unlocking the Power of Data Sharing in the Gig Economy: Insights from GigCV Founder Martijn Arets

Last week, Martijn Arets, founder of GigCV, shared his journey, successes and challenges in developing an open data-sharing standard that offers a digital certificate of platform work for free for the workers. As his key learnings, Martijn highlights that assumptions have been leading the views of data portability instead of facts. He advises gig platforms to be critical on how they use reputation systems without just copying from others; consider how they can benefit from sharing their data and keep in mind how they can add value and prove adding that value through data.

  • Requirements for sharing data in the gig economy have been based on various assumptions, such as that workers want the data and that the data has value to them. At the same time startups that were focusing on data sharing and portability all failed. Martijn´s research showed that the topic was very complex and as a result, Martijn founded GigCV to enable further research based on facts and to show that reputation data portability is possible to realise.

  • For platforms, GigCV has shown that enabling data sharing and portability brings an additional reason for workers to choose the platform over another one, and for workers to stay using the platform to have the proof of their work experience.

  • Data sharing and portability bring the most value to platforms where the customer chooses the service provider based on the quality of the provider, supported by the reviews. Trust and accuracy of reviews are ensured by implementing the data sharing in a platform where reviews must be based on actual transactions.

  • Based on his lessons learned Martijn shares his top three advice to gig platforms:

    1. Be critical on how you use reputation systems without just copying from others,

    2. Consider how you can benefit from sharing your data,

    3. Keep in mind how you can add value and prove adding that value through data.

Watch out for the recording and find all the insights in our community.


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