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Unveiling the Platform Strategy for Incumbents: Key Insights from #TheNTWKTalks with Pau Monserrat

During the recent #TheNTWKTalks session, NTWKers engaged in a thought-provoking discussion with Pau Monserrat.

Pau underscored a crucial approach for those navigating the platform strategy as incumbents: the need to persuade key decision-makers within the company to establish an autonomous entity that operates with the agility and experimental mindset of a startup. This approach allows for agility, experimentation, and the ability to discard projects, while also leveraging the advantages of being a corporate entity. Here are some other key insights from the discussion:

  • Developing your own tools may not always align with market needs, so it is beneficial to use existing platforms that offer relevant features and expand your knowledge while addressing specific needs through custom development if necessary.

  • To successfully implement a platform strategy as an incumbent, it is important to focus on the needs of clients, expand to third-party clients, shorten phases, and invest in developing the team to adapt to change.

  • Smaller players in the ecosystem are more likely to collaborate because they have less to lose and more to gain, while bigger players tend to be less collaborative due to the size and potential risks involved.

To delve further into the nuanced discussion, explore the recorded session and detailed takeaways within TheNTWK Community.


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