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Europe's Top Summit for Platform & Ecosystem Innovation

TheNTWKSummit24: From Competition to Collaboration in the Digital Era

Summit - May 28 & 29 | Side Events - May 27 & 30 | Barcelona


The Future of Platforms with Marshall van Alstyne

Platforms are experiencing a time of unprecedented disruption due to the widespread adoption of AI, increasing regulatory scrutiny, and a shift to collaborative ecosystems which may challenge the dominance of some platform giants. Each of these platform trends brings new opportunities as well as challenges for corporate leaders who wish to harness this evolution towards open innovation, data sharing, and partnership. The future of platform businesses hinges on the ability to anticipate and adapt to this rapidly evolving environment. By embracing AI responsibly, navigating regulations strategically, and integrating seamlessly within partner ecosystems, platforms can continue to thrive, create value, and deliver a positive impact in the world.


14:30 - 15:00

With the participation of:

Marshall Van Alstyne
Boston University
Questrom Chair Professor
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